Self-performed services

Our ability to safely self-perform critical trades enable us to maintain the highest standards of quality control, on-time delivery, and accurate budgeting. Our 200+ craft and trade professionals are talented and experienced team members that take great pride in their work. We also maintain an extensive fleet of construction equipment and specialized mechanics that enable our team to work efficiently and ensure the highest levels of productivity. These extensive human and equipment resources set us apart from many of our competitors who simply manage or oversee construction activities.

Structural Erection

Pioneer Erectors is a member of the Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) and an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified Steel Erector offering comprehensive structural steel erection services throughout the continental United States. Pioneer Erectors is known for providing safe, high quality, and cost-effective erection services while maintaining or improving the project schedule. As such, General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Fabricators from across the country contract our services. From pre-engineered metal building system erection to complex structural steel erection for high-rise buildings, Pioneer Erectors delivers. Our in-house engineering department supports our field crews with quick turn-around of shop drawings and submittals. Our full-time Director of Safety develops Project Specific Safety Plans customized for each assignment and our extensive equipment fleet compliments our skilled superintendents, talented operators, specialized equipment mechanics, steelworkers, connectors, and welders.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pioneer Construction is a recognized leader in the design, customization, and erection of pre-engineered metal building systems. Our team has been recognized with numerous awards for excellence in both design and construction of metal buildings. This building type offers excellent economy and is popular for manufacturing, warehousing, storage, distribution, agribusiness, aviation, retail, religious, and athletic applications. We leverage our buying power and supplier relationships to pass along competitive pricing and our economies of scale directly to our clients.

Post Frame Construction

Pioneer Construction offers post-frame construction services through our Tailored Building Systems division. The design concept is simple and affords flexibility, which makes it popular amongst architects and engineers, as well as owners. The features of post-frame design include heavy posts, supporting columns or posts, and roof trusses. Depending on the spacing of the posts and trusses, wall girts and roof purlins may be required to attach and support wall and roof sheathing. Post-frame construction is often conducive to agricultural facilities including livestock housing, dairy barns, and equestrian buildings. With recent advancements in technology, this building method is also now regularly used for construction of schools, small warehouses, auto shops, municipal buildings, bus garages, small office buildings, day care centers, and various commercial structures requiring open spaces.

Carpentry & General Trades

Our Carpentry Division provides framing, blocking, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, millwork installation, lamination, and custom cabinet fabrication services. Self-performance of these activities ensures our projects are safe, stay on schedule, and maintain budget while delivering the highest level of quality. Pioneer’s General Trades Team handles all non trade-specific construction tasks including owner sub-contracted trade coordination, safety and security measures, temporary fencing and barriers, door and hardware installation, and fixture and equipment set-up.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a versatile building material, particularly useful when speed of delivery, durability, functionality, or sustainability are of primary importance.

Pioneer offers comprehensive merit-shop erection services throughout the continental United States and is a member of the Precast & Prestressed Concrete Institute with the coveted Qualified Erector category S2 designation. The S2 (Complex Structural Systems) is the most advanced certification available through PCI. This category includes everything outlined in S1 (horizontal decking members and single-lift wall panels) as well as total precast, multi-product structures (vertical and horizontal members combined) and single or multi-story load-bearing members (including those with architectural finishes).

Pioneer is so efficient and cost-effective that concrete fabricators, general contractors, and construction managers throughout the country contract our services. From complex parking structures and high-rise facilities to basic tilt-up construction, Pioneer delivers both safely and cost effectively.

Our in-house engineering department supports our field crews with quick turn-around of shop drawings and submittals. Our extensive equipment fleet compliments our skilled superintendents, talented operators, specialized equipment mechanics, erectors, and connectors.

Comprehensive Construction Services

As a true builder employing over two-hundred talented craft and trade professionals, we offer extensive self-performance abilities that enable us to provide unsurpassed budget, schedule, and quality control.

With expertise in a variety of delivery methods including General Contracting, Design/Build, and Construction Management, we customize our approach based on the specifics of each project and the goals of our clients.

Our commitment to sustainable design and construction, safety, inclusion, and community involvement set us apart in our industry.