GVSU Cook Devos Center for Health Professions

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Photo for GVSU Cook Devos Center for Health Professions




The corner of Michigan and Lafayette is now home to Grand Rapid’s newest landmark, the GVSU Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences.  GVSU is using this state of the art facility to teach the next generation of health professionals serve in the medical field.  The facade of the structure includes a high performance glass curtainwall system, a metal panel rainscreen system, and a natural limestone veneer at the base.  A large glass staircase provides dramatic views of the surrounding cityscape at each landing.  There are two levels of parking below five stories of laboratory, classroom, office, student study, auditorium and conference space.

The building is comprised of five floors housing 24 classrooms and seminar rooms, 30 teaching and research labs, 200 faculty offices, 18 conference rooms, a 150-seat auditorium with the latest electronic features, a food-service area, and library. A sixth floor contains the ventilation, heating, and cooling systems for the building. Two levels of parking are located below the academic floors for staff and visitors. Cross-disciplined education is encouraged throughout the student population, and the 15 study/meeting areas and large public gathering spaces were designed to accommodate the changing dynamics of the educational environment. Wireless technology access is provided throughout the facility. Dedicated cubicles are provided for intensive individual studying and on-line research. Casual rooms and lounge-type spaces with comfortable chairs are located throughout the facility for impromptu student gatherings and collaboration.

The building is 265,000 gross SF (162,000 net SF). This $53,000,000 building project was completed June 2003, and has received several awards including two Associated Builder & Contractor Awards for Buildings over $30 Million and Interior Finishing over $3 Million, as well as an Outstanding Building Award for Works in Progress in 2002 from the American School & University Architectural Portfolio.