What Our Customers Are Saying


  • Total Fire Protection has worked with Pioneer Construction and has found the company and personnel associated with them to be of the highest caliber. The projects were run well and provided the owners a quality product with reasonable pricing. Both the General Contracting and the Contract Management side are staffed with knowledgeable and experienced people. The professionalism that Pioneer brings to the projects we have worked on with them, have resulted in the buildings being completed in a timely manner and without the problems that we've experienced with other contractors. Pioneer Construction is one of the leaders in the construction industry in West Michigan and is positioned to provide quality projects for what ever size building you propose. -- Ryan Goossens, Total Fire Protection Inc.

  • "I have always enjoyed working on Pioneer projects because they have the best superintendents in West Michigan. Ritsema Assoc. has worked on (their) projects for over 25 years and (they are) always prepared for us, and the work will be coordinated very efficiently with other trades." -- Wayne Monson, Vice President, Ritsema Associates

  • "Quality Air has worked on several projects with Pioneer Construction, Peckham Industries being the most recent. We have been able to complete projects succesfully due to the professional manner in which they operate. When this team is in charge, each subcontractor will be treated fairly. Since the construction manager and the site superintendent can either make or break the bottom line, I am always pleased to work on any project with Pioneer." -- Bill Falkowski, LEED AP, Quality Air

  • “Pioneer Construction has long been known for having some of the best superintendents in the construction business. We have worked with them on many projects and they have always been properly organized, which allows schedules to remain consistent and quality to remain high. Their project management team works closely with the field to make sure information is exchanged and schedules are met. We are able to more confidently price projects when we know they will be managed in this fashion.” -- Steven Hansma, Project Engineer, Allied Electric

  • “Pioneer Construction’s pre-construction program is by far the most productive and most valuable to a project than any other to which I have been exposed in my thirty years in the construction industry. Pioneer’s extensive background and experience with products, processes, and building trades enables everyone involved to bring their ideas and research to the table. The results are a user friendly and trade friendly building that maximizes efficiency and quality.” -- Lee Jasinski, President, Jasman Construction