Originally from the Netherlands, Earl Beckering Sr. worked his way to the United States of America as a carpenter aboard a ship. He eventually settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1933, the young entrepreneur founded Beckering Construction Company. From the beginning, Earl established a reputation for strong work ethics, personal service, quality craftsmanship and a hands-on management approach. In honor of Earl Sr.’s legacy, these qualities continue to be the trademark of our company.

In 1962, under the leadership of Beckering’s son, Earl Jr., the company name was changed to Pioneer Construction to reflect the innovative attitude and expanding services of the rapidly growing firm. In 1971, Earl’s son, Tom, took the reins of the company. Under his leadership, Pioneer Construction expanded to become one of the largest full-service construction companies in the mid-west. Now in the fourth generation of family ownership, Tom’s son-in-law, Tim Schowalter, has positioned the company as a recognized leader in sustainable building while maintaining our heritage of quality construction delivered on-time and in-budget.

As the prime construction employer in West Michigan, Pioneer has a multi-talented workforce of over two-hundred people. Many of our team members have worked with Pioneer for over fifteen years. The strength of our organization is in the skilled hands and creative minds of these team members. We strive to build on the qualities upon which the company was founded while remaining at the forefront of innovation in an ever changing industry.

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