Consistent On-Time Delivery

We maintain a committed focus on timely delivery of every project and have an outstanding track record. We do this by focusing on solutions, effectively managing risk, scheduling proactively, and maintaining the resources, relationships, and manpower to stand behind our promises.

Unexpected challenges inevitably arise on construction projects. Our job is to anticipate potential obstacles to timely completion whenever possible and overcome obstacles if they do arise.

There are numerous examples of projects with aggressive delivery schedules and unexpected obstacles where we have maintained our commitment to delivery deadlines. We would be happy to share specifics or put you in touch with clients that can explain what we have done to protect our reputation for timely delivery and stand behind our promises.

We are company focused on opportunities and solutions. If you are considering a construction project with an accelerated schedule or a delivery date that cannot be compromised, Pioneer Construction is the answer.

For additional information regarding our unique approach to project scheduling and opportunities for schedule acceleration, please contact us today at 616.247.6966 or via e-mail.