Accurate Budgeting

Accurately budgeting for a construction project requires a detailed understanding of client needs and expectations, site/building specific information, project timing, and current market conditions and trends. As a true builder employing over 200 construction professionals that self-perform key trades, we know what it takes to build.

Our Estimating Team members have years of construction experience, are familiar with labor and equipment requirements, have access to an extensive proprietary job cost database, are familiar with a broad spectrum of construction types, and stay current with trends in our industry. Our Estimating Team works closely with our Pre-Construction Team, Field Operations Team, and Project Superintendents to review constructability and determine the most efficient means and methods for each project.

We control cost by providing detailed budget estimates broken down by CSI Divisions 1-49. The first step is to determine the status of design and gain a detailed understanding of the goals and expectations of our client and the architectural team. On Construction Management projects, we provide detailed budgets upon completion of schematic drawings, design drawings, and upon 75% completion of construction documents. We work with our client and the architectural team to determine a mutually agreeable approach to contingency management and strive to avoid any surprises on bid day.

To view our CSI template Summary, please click here. This spreadsheet is supported by line item detail spreadsheets for each of the applicable 49 Divisions throughout the budgeting process.

Throughout this process, we will offer value engineering recommendations, logistical costing, and schedule impact analysis. All of our budgets include input from a diverse team that includes resources throughout our organization, our architectural partners, trade contractors, and material suppliers.

The key to maintaining budgets from the design phase through bidding/procurement is to execute clear and comprehensive bid packages and work scopes. This is a unique ability and distinguishing characteristic of the Pioneer Team.

Clear and concise bid and work scopes reduce both real and perceived risk for trade contractors. Reduced risk equates to more aggressive pricing. Trade contractors are familiar and comfortable with Pioneer's approach which translates to the most aggressive possible pricing. It is this front end planning and consistent communication that enable us to incorporate our extensive knowledge of construction logistics, assemblies, and process/schedule management to reduce uncertainty.

For construction budgeting assistance, please contact us today at 616.247.6966 or via e-mail.